5 Tips to Creating a HIS + HERS Home

It has been a little over a year since my husband and I were married. A year has taught me a lot about compromise and taste. As couples are married and begin to create their home- their spouse often sits back and enjoys the fruits of her decorating labor. Collecting, curating, buying throw pillows, returning throw pillows... this is what we do.  I went into our new space planning to create rooms we could both feel comfortable in, but what I wasn't expecting was my husband to have an opinion on each and every thing that went into our home! After one year, much debate and many trips to stores across both Tampa, Florida and Boston, Massachusetts, our house finally reflects us. Budget or not, we really love just about everything in our small one bedroom apartment. Here are my tips on creating a HIS + HERS space.

1. Think of a "theme" for the room. 
Both of our tastes in home decor are very different- so merging the two had to be done in a way that allowed us to be transported somewhere we both can agree upon. We both are huge fans of music- so I decided to theme our room around what a lounge in a music studio would be like.  I thought of Third Man Records and I thought of Peaches. I thought of Alabama Shakes and Jack White. With these images, music, and feelings in my mind-I moved on to the next step.

2. Collect the Room.
I once read that a room should feel collected, not decorated. With my theme in tow I set out to collect. Yes, I bought and returned throw pillows so much it became a part time job. Yes, I cried over lamps. Yes, I lost a battle over a coffee table. But in the end we have a room that we are BOTH happy with. We bought only things we really loved, not things that filled a void in the moment.

3. Mix Grit with Glamour
You can guess what appeals to whom here. Think about what you buy and try to mix shine and sparkle with matte and muted.  If you have a big chesterfield couch, add some shine in your lamps and throw pillows. If you have bronze and glass coffee table, add some leather and wood trinkets on top. A lovely white ornamented wall with dark design accents (as you will see below) can merge the styles as well. Both people should be reflected in the home- which makes it more comfortable for everyone. 

4. Dont knock it till you try it.
This one is a shout out to my husband. Often he would be "anti" something I wanted to bring into the house, until he saw it in the space. Once you see it in the cohesive space it no longer looks like a weird orb candle holder in a bright red HomeGoods shopping cart.  Let your spouse bring it home. Look at it, live with it for a few days, and return it if it doesn't work. (Also, for this part you want to know the store or gallery's return policy, and keep track of your receipts). 

5. Eclectic Style
As a couple, we lean more towards classic pieces, but avoid "traditional" items and styles.  We enjoy rooms that are fun, rooms that take us places, and rooms that make you never want to leave. So ultimately, our personal home decor style would be classified as eclectic. I think eclectic rooms are the most fun and unique way to blend HIS + HERS styles. For the most part, you are working with a blank slate and the accessories around the room determine the overall image. Check out the graphic with my notes below to see what I am talking about. 

Photo: MYDOMAINE Design: Roman and Williams

Photo: MYDOMAINE Design: Roman and Williams

1. HERS: Whimsical crystal lighting.

2. HIS + HERS: Soft leopard fur throw on HIS overstuffed, dark leather, chesterfield couch.

3. HERS: Gold framed mirror reflecting shine and sparkle.

4. HIS: Gorgeous, rich, woven leather, nail-studded, Roman style chairs. (I LOVE THESE)

5. His: Oversized reclaimed wood coffee table.


Thank you for reading! I hope you found these tips helpful or inspiring in some way!